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Women Writing Community in Indonesia

On Friday, September 26, two women writers came all the way from Indonesia to share their writing experience with AUI community. Mrs. Risma El Jundy and Mrs. Aida Maslamah , both renowned authors in Indonesia, gave a talk titled “Women Writing Community in Indonesia”. Both authors write fiction books; Mrs. Risma writes Islamic novels and motivation books, and Mrs. Aida writes more popular and teenager novels.

In her presentation Mrs. Risma El Jundy briefly introduced the women writing community in Indonesia, how it started and the types of activities it organizes for the women community, mainly housewives. Then she highlighted her writing journey and shared her passion for writing with the audience. She talked about her personal inspirations, the importance and power of writing, the process of writing, how to write with all the senses, and ways of overcoming writer’s block. Mrs. Risma shared with the audience the titles of her published books, and focused on one of her major publications “Ouhibouki Areta” (2012).  This novel tells the love story of an Indonesian boy and a Moroccan girl who have met in Morocco. The author wrote about Moroccan cities, places, people and customs from her own imagination. When asked about what she thinks of Morocco now that she has seen it, and if it is different from the way she portrayed it in her novel two years ago, she said: “The reality is much more amazing and fantastic than I imagined. I love the beautiful sky of Morocco”.
Mrs. Maslamah’s presentation was about Writing Therapy. She shared with the audience tips for writing to heal (self-healing therapy), and explained the recovery process that consists of three main parts: Detoxing- Balancing- Controlling.
Mrs. Maslamah has authored 19 books and she is founder and owner of Batavia Publishing. Mrs. El Jundy is founder of Care GBS, a community for disabled people suffering from Guillain Barre Syndrome.  
The two guest speakers, who were accompanied by Indonesia’s ambassador to Morocco,donated books to Mohammed VI library.
Dr. El Mortaji, Professor at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences said: “The talk was inspiring to all of us and the students enjoyed interacting with the speakers. This event was a good opportunity for us to learn about Women Writing Community in Indonesia. I seize this opportunity to thank Mr. President Pr. Driss Ouaouicha and His Excellency Mr. TosariWidjaja for giving the relationship and collaboration between Al Akhawayn University and the embassy of Indonesia a new dimension.”


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